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How Orange142 Collaborates with Ad Agencies

How Orange142 Collaborates with Ad Agencies

When it comes to digital media placements it is important to collaborate with an organization that has an expertise in the industry. We at Orange142 position ourselves as the digital media and advertising experts to complement the comprehensive planning and strategy that our agency partners perform on behalf of a client. Utilizing our custom ad serving platform and media tracking dashboard, we work together with ad agency partners to provide the best possible media campaign for a client.

Top 7 Reasons Ad Agencies Choose to Partner with Orange142:

1. All of our 20+ digital media tactics are run in-house by our dedicated team of digital media professionals. We do not 3rdparty out any of our media placements or reporting

2. Agencies looking for new solutions and methods to tackle a project or marketing plan

Every proposal is customized to the needs of the client and contains numerous methods to approach campaign goals.

3.The need for turn-key media executions that include tactics to meet the campaign strategy and include robust reporting

We bundle planning, execution, and reporting in all of our campaigns with a simple net rate pricing structure.

All media campaigns include access to a private, real-time, media tracking dashboard for a transparent media experience.

Track campaigns beyond the click with ROI calculations & website analytics

4. Fulfill multiple digital media needs with one vendor to better optimize the campaign performance and deliver uniform reporting

If one tactic is not performing as well as another, we can make adjustments to the campaign and media allocation.

5.  There are numerous pitfalls to navigate in order to deliver a successful digital media campaign. Ad blocking, bot traffic, and ad fraud are all major concerns and Orange142 understands how to run a campaign that avoids these issues for optimal performance

6. Rather than having to build out an entire media department, ad agencies can collaborate with Orange142 and even white label the media campaign and reporting

Many of our agency partners see us as an extension of their media and marketing department

7. Orange142 specializes in comprehensive media campaigns

Don’t run media tactics in silos, each component should work together towards fulfilling the goals of the marketing plan.


Through our agency partners, we have experience in a number of industries and verticals.

Example Industries We Serve

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Education & Higher Ed
  • Luxury Brands
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Economic Development
  • Small Business Advertising
  • Real Estate & Home Builders
  • Mobile Application Promotion

Goals & Metrics We Deliver

  • Targeted Website Traffic
  • Product Sales
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Downloads
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Click outs to Partners


Agency Partnership Success Stories

Agency: Upstate NY Design and Strategy Agency

Client: Local Federal Credit Union in NY, PA, and NJ

The Win: Orange142 provided robust digital media campaigns throughout 2016 with a wide variety of tactics. With numerous digital tactics at play (i.e. Banners, Video, Facebook, Native, e-mail and Paid Search), Orange142 optimized the campaign towards what tactics were working best and engaging with consumers the most. All client conversion goals were met and exceeded by end of Q3 2016.


Agency: Central Florida Advertising Agency

Client: Prominent Florida Tourism Account

The Win: Orange142 provided highly targeted banner advertising programs through its proprietary ad serving platform that drove significant engagement to the client website. The media campaigns outperformed past vendors with more impressions served and higher overall click-through rates.

Agency: Midwest Based Higher Education Advertising Agency

Client: University Account in Iowa

The Win: Orange142 created a strategic and engaging paid search plan to help increase enrollments in the University Nursing Program. The campaign saw lower costs and higher engagements than previous attempts at paid search both internally by the agency and with other media vendors.

Through collaboration with ad agency partners, Orange142 has been able to provide very highly engaging campaigns and media programs that far outpaced any previous media approach. When planning a media strategy for a client, look for a partner that understands the digital landscape and can navigate digital media pitfalls. With so many media vendors out there today, be sure to work with the ones that closely understand the needs of the client and how best to utilize digital to meet and exceed the campaign goals.

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