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Orange 142 offers agencies a robust buy-side platform and other services that are optimized to deliver successful marketing results and digital advertising solutions.


Strategic Digital Advertising Services for Advertising Agencies

Advertising and media agencies partner with Orange 142 to help them execute client campaigns on their behalf. We are the top choice thanks to our speed flexibility, which enables us to respond to client needs and deliver effective solutions.



Orange 142 is a Digital Advertising Consultancy

We offer full-scale reporting so that your teams can assess campaign effectiveness, make data-driven decisions, and ensure transparency and accountability in your client relationships. Our account management and level of responsiveness is second to none and features efficient communication, rapid problem-solving, and seamless campaign execution. Finally, we can make smart recommendations regarding optimizing budgets and audiences to deliver maximum benefit to your clients.


Services We Offer Media Agencies

Your partner in advertising. We work with media agencies who need a buy-side platform or assistance in acquiring media or executing campaigns. We provide the right level of assistance when you need it. With access to 98% of all online inventory, we ensure your campaign meets your delivery and pacing requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of media solutions, from campaign planning and media buying to reporting and analytics, as well as marketing services, in cases where your clients require support with foundational marketing initiatives, such as social media campaigns or SEO strategy.


Tap into Demand-Side Technology

We have demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platforms. This allows us to serve as your media-buying arm.


White Labeling to Assist Clients

We offer flexible business models. We can work directly with your clients or in the backend via a white-labeling media-buying arrangement.


Say Yes to All Campaign RFPs

With unique and unparalleled access to general, local, niche, and multicultural audiences and inventory, we can help you say yes to all RFPs.

Discover how we help marketers and agencies reach the right audiences.


What Our Clients Say  

Discover the satisfaction of our clients through their testimonials. Our customers consistently praise us for our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and the results we deliver.

The Latest Case Studies

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Orange 142 Helps the Tennessee Distillers Close a 100-Year Competitive Gap

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Orange 142 Helps Grand Boulevard Attract More Visitors

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Case Study: Discover Atlanta - Multicultural Audience Impact

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