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In-Need Targeting - Reaching Audiences When They Need You Most

In-Need Targeting - Reaching Audiences When They Need You Most

Orange142 has a unique strategy to reach consumers and web users with advertising based on their search history, websites visited and online research. Using “In-Need Targeting” Orange142 can reach these consumers when they are actively “In-Need” of the products or services an advertiser is promoting. This hyper targeting allows for demand generation and mid-funnel audience engagement that drives awareness, conversions and consideration.

Orange142 utilizes data partners and online activity tracking to reach consumers with messaging that is needed right in that moment.

In-Need Targeting Includes the following:

  • What consumers are actively researching or planning (In-Market)
  • Life Events
  • Search Terms
  • Custom Content
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Site Placements (White Lists)

What consumers are actively researching or planning (In-Market)

Find customers who are researching products and are actively considering buying a service or product that fits their needs. These audiences are designed for advertisers focused on getting conversions from likely buyers. In-market audiences can help drive remarketing performance and reach consumers close to completing a purchase.

Life events

Engage with consumers around important life milestones, like graduating from college, moving homes, or getting married. By understanding when these moments are taking place, advertisers can tailor the advertising to reach the right users with the right messages.

Since life events may correspond with many related purchasing decisions, they’re often larger than in-market categories which correspond with a single purchasing decision. For example, someone who’s about to move will likely buy new furniture, moving services, mortgages, and other moving related items during the months of their move.

Search Terms

Orange142 can reach people online based on what they’ve searched for on Google.

The advertiser provides a list of search terms that match the search criteria an ideal audience uses to find advertised products or services. More general keywords  can be used when it’s preferred to reach as many people as possible. For example, when looking to reach meeting planners, utilize keywords such as “meeting space”, “convention center”, “meeting venue”, etc.

Custom Intent

Custom Intent allows advertisers to define and reach the ideal audience for their business. Custom Intent audiences allows advertisers to go beyond pre-defined audience segments and reach people as they’re making a purchase decision. Orange142 can apply keywords, URLs, apps, or YouTube content to the ad campaign to reach an online audience that’s actively researching a related product or service. If possible, it's a good idea (but not essential) to set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics before the start of a campaign.

Contextual Targeting

Utilizing designated keyword and related topics, websites with available ad inventory are discovered and ads are served out to the consumer viewing the content.

For example: The desired keywords are (Honda, Toyota, new car, used car, car lease, and more). Orange142 will place ad creative on websites and content related to cars sales including,, and more.

Direct Site Placements (White Lists)

Serve ads directly on websites, channels and networks most relevant to the target audience. This includes relevant websites and apps that Orange142 has programmatic access to. A direct placement can refer to several things, such as an entire website, a white listed channel of sites (e.g. News Sites, Travel Sites, Finance Sites, etc.), a mobile phone app, and more. Orange142 can also setup direct placements based on relevant keywords or other targeting methods.

Ease of Setup

There is no need for an advertiser to pick or choose any of the above targeting methods. Orange142 will work with the advertiser to determine the desired audience and advertising impact then tailor the ad campaign to maximize performance and return on ad spend.

Guaranteed Traffic and Engagement

Utilizing 3rd party data is a great way to serve advertisements online and allows advertisers to reach their target audience with ease. Combining different data streams, contextual targeting, and more allows Orange142 to take that audience targeting and dial in to consumers, shoppers, B2B professionals and more when they are most “in-need” for the advertiser’s products or services. Additionally, Orange142’s In-Need Targeting is delivered on a Cost Per Click (CPC). This allows for guaranteed web traffic, enhanced and optimized impression delivery and much higher than average click through rates.

Take ad campaigns to the next level with In-Need Targeting. Contact Orange142 today for more information and to start having your advertising make an immediate impact with your audience!

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