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Orange142's Data Platform

Orange142's Data Platform

Orange142 has developed an extensive database of consumers, travelers, shoppers, foodies, B2B customers and niche audiences that can be highly segmented and targeted for digital advertising campaigns. This unique database is utilized in a variety of ways to serve messaging online to specific target audiences and segments. Layering our data across e-mail, video, display and social media advertising differentiates Orange142 from the multitude of digital media companies.

Many media companies throw around terms such as Big Data, 1st Party data and more. Let’s look at some definitions of common data terminology:

First-party data is created and owned by publishers and marketers themselves. This can include data from behaviors, actions or interests demonstrated across your website(s), data you have in your CRM, subscription data; social data, or cross-platform data from mobile web or apps.

Third-party data is generated on other platforms and often aggregated from other websites. 3rd party data is most often used in “programmatic advertising” and ad network buys. This data can be valuable and accurate but can also be “modeled data” or audience segments categorized through computer algorithms rather than actual website visitors and user intent.

Big Data tends to refer to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, or certain other advanced data analytics methods that extract value from data, and seldom to a particular size of data set. This data is typically analyzed through Google Analytics and other metrics platforms and can be utilized to make informed decisions on future marketing and advertising campaigns.

The Orange142 Data Platform couples 1st party data from our sources and databases along with targeted and relevant 3rd party data to provide a full spectrum audience view for online advertising. Big Data is incorporated during the media campaign optimizations and reporting to ensure proper audience engagement and on-going campaign improvements.

Where does our data come from?

Orange142 has a permission based double opt-in database of subscribers and user data cultivated and optimized for over the last 15 years through a number of lead generation tactics, online activity tracking, web property pixels and actual consumer polling.

Targeting can include:

  • Travel Intent
  • Past purchase, bookings, meetings, and interests
  • Job Titles (e.g. Corporate Meeting Planner)
  • Interests & Behaviors
  • Geographic location (State(s), Cities, Zip Codes)


Orange142 has segmented our data to specific audience groups based on our client needs. Below are example audience segments and data available. We encourage our clients to let us know who their target audience is, and we can pull specific reach for those segments.

The data segments below were pulled for Orange142 clients

Meeting Planners

U.S State Corporate Planner Association Planner Government Planner Sports Planner Faith Based Planner Multicultural / Diversity Planner Wedding Planner Event Planner
Total (50 States) 127,850 50,994 26,882 65,399 79,800 78,574 447,711 581,971


Business Executives

Heavy Business Travelers Corporate Travel Managers / Procurement C-Suite Executive
2,954,174 357,955 4,907,076


Higher Education

People Researching the Following Majors Undergrad Program Intent
Location Nursing Computer science Engineering High Schoolers & Parents
All 50 States 144,205 94,060 59,822 500,000+


Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

Location Age 25-34 health-conscious females
Nationally (50 States) 5,499,768


Bottom Line – Orange142 has the data and targets that are most relevant to you.


What about Results?

Being able to reach people online isn’t anything new. Through on-going optimizations and performance enhancements, Orange142 continues to build on our data layering and ad serving functionality to produce campaigns that engage and perform. Below are some of our average sample campaign metrics.

Average CTR (12 Mo. Average per tactic, all sizes included)

  • Display -- 24% CTR
  • Mobile -- 0.52% CTR
  • Native -- 0.32% CTR
  • Native Video – 0.87% CTR
  • Remarketing – 1.32% CTR
  • ECHO142 – 1.02% CTR
  • In-Need targeting – 0.82% CTR
  • Instream Video – 0.22% CTR

 Average Completed –View Rates

  • 15s/30s PreRoll – 69% Completed View Rate
  • Native Video – 63% Completed View Rate
  • Hulu – 97% Completed View Rate
  • Connected TV – 95% Completed View Rate

Average Open/CTR on Email Marketing

  • 20%-50% with 15% CTR


We’d love to put together a campaign for you that includes this powerful data and ad serving technology. Reach out to our team and allow us to pull specific reach in to your target audiences. Once a media campaign is launched with Orange142, you should expect an immediate lift in engagement!

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