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Revamping Messaging and Outreach for Meeting Planners

Revamping Messaging and Outreach for Meeting Planners

The Way Planners Measure Success Can Be Seen In The Attributes They Highly Value In A Meetings Destination.

Geographic location, hotel quality, meeting facilities, safety, popularity and amenities, as well as hotel rates and the overall cost of holding a meeting in the destination. A destination’s assets in these areas should be particularly communicated when positioning the destination to meeting planners.

Destination Attributes Important to Planners

Research conducted by Destination Analysts, Inc.

Common Meeting Planner Concerns When Considering a Destination


Ease of access to the destination, hotel inventory, parking and in-town transportation.


Perception can be shaped by a number of factors, most of which are outside of the DMO’s control. Planners who have considered a destination in the past or even left it out of consideration need to be educated on the transformation and expansion. They need to understand any new infrastructure and convention inventory, any surge in cultural offerings from new bars and restaurants to art galleries and boutique hotels, all offering a level of service and experience that previously may not have existed in the region. These experiences need to be leveraged to increase destination appeal within the planner and attendee audiences. Showcase the destination not just as a place for business but also a place for FUN!


The size of the meeting planner audience does not fluctuate significantly on an annual basis, it remains stagnant. Destinations must be smart, timely and relevant in how they communicate with this small, niche audience. Destinations cannot rely on a singular value proposition to move people through the conversion funnel. Orange142 helps our destination partners create a multi-layer communication strategy.

Orange142 Has Developed a Messaging and Outreach Strategy that is Designed to Engage Meeting Planners

Orange142 understands the kind of undertaking needed to brand and advertise a destination as a viable place for meetings. Trailblazers don’t just think big thoughts—they provide the means to follow through and  demonstrate results. Orange142 will provide the foundation that your destination needs to move into a more dynamic, customized, two-way conversation with potential visitors. We know how to develop creative messaging and build platforms that will deliver deeper levels of engagement with prospects. And we know how to seamlessly extract, analyze, and funnel information from Big Data in the form of simple, clear, actionable recommendations.

Using this approach will transform your destination’s meetings marketing and advertising into a more proactive, responsive set of messages, which identify, follow, capture and convert prospects. We’ll design and build a marketing engine that tells us:

  • Who the ideal planners are
  • Where they are when they are online
  • What content they are consuming
  • Who they are influencing

  • Who influences them
  • What places and activities they are most interested in
  • How competitors are trying to steal them away
  • And about a million other data points…

Once a strategy and messaging cadence is in place, Orange142 can begin the outreach process through digital media and marketing services. Our meeting planner campaigns are precisely targeted to specific planner segments (corporate, associations, SMERF, sports, and more) as well as highly optimized towards engagement and conversions. These comprehensive campaigns produce results and have true market impact.

Sample Orange142 Meeting Planner Reach

  TOTAL (50 States)

Sample Orange142 Marketing and Advertising Tools

Some of our Meeting Planner focused clients include:

“Meet AC has been working with Orange142 for over 3 years and are pleased with the continued success that this company has provided to Atlantic City by way of digital media services. Orange142 has acted as an extension of Meet AC’s Marketing Team with their expertise in analytics, Google Adwords network, converting leads to sales and hitting our digital media goals. Meet AC’s fruitful partnership with Orange142 has led to enhanced digital strategies and additional RFPs for meeting and conventions in Atlantic City.”

Karina Anthony
Director of Marketing, Meet AC


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